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Capcom Announces 12 New MGS Titles This Week.

In Seth Nicholas Abel on June 18, 2009 at 9:09 am

Not Pictured: Hideo Kojima

This week Capcom announced 12 titles for their Metal Gear game series.

Kojima was quoted as saying, “Originally we were going to have twelve hours of unskippable cinematic scenes in our next game. But after some testing we decided to make 12 new games with one hour of video each instead. Players will have  the opportunity to collect them all to see the full story! We hope that this change will create new fans who aren’t afraid to pay a little extra for a new platform so they can be bored to death by preachy themes, convoluted storytelling, and average game play.”

The new Metal Gear games will all be released from now until next year at the rate of once a month. The titles includes releases for the Xbox, N64, Wii, PsP, Xbox360 DLC, DS, Ngage, Iphone, PS3, Kindle, and some digital watches.


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