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Eidos “Apologizes” for Spelling Error.

In Seth Nicholas Abel on June 18, 2009 at 9:10 am

You're doing it wrong.

The company responsible for the widely acclaimed game: Thief, has issued a statement saying that they they’re sorry for a major spelling error in the franchise’s newest iteration. Forward thinking marketers, eager to cash in on a fad that swept the internet ten years ago, hastily dubbed the new game THI4F, which in leet-speak would be THIAF.  Fans of the movie Hackers and other internet shut-ins let their outrage be known all over private message boards and unvisited game blogs.

Eidos, when contacted for comment said “We know that people who use leet have ‘higher’ standards of spelling and grammar, we’re ‘genuinely’ sorry for the mistranslation and we’ve decided to rename the game 7|-|13|=  because that’s waaaaay better than what we had before.”

The commenter was rushed to a local hospital where he was treated for minor sarcasm poisoning.


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