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PSP Go to Feature Games.

In Seth Nicholas Abel on June 18, 2009 at 10:06 am

How do I turn this stupid thing on?

In a surprise move, Sony announced that they will finally bring games to the PSP with the advent of the PSP-Go.

“We’ve always maintained that purchasers of the PSP were not interested in playing games, that’s why we’ve been committed to bringing you features like the highly successful UMD format,  single analog nub and four hour battery life!”

Aside from having an all digital game system, the PSP-Go’s new features will include a free USB cable, and battery, a smaller screen, and a memory card that holds nearly one game’s worth of information!

“This is a quality sony product, sure you pay a little more than the iPhone and have none of the features, but the iPhone doesn’t look like it belongs on Batman’s utility belt, does it?”

  1. Dood, I want one device that will do everything for me including coffee. Until that day I’m sticking with my iPod Douche.

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