It's Nothing Serious

DDO Gives Back to Their Poor, Starving Community.

In Seth Nicholas Abel on June 19, 2009 at 9:47 am

Let them eat pixels.

Earlier this week Turbine said that they would be following many other MMOs and would be  going to a “Free to Play” system of payment.

“This isn’t a reflection on the quality of our game, but rather the state of the US economy. Our fans simply don’t have 15$ a month to play games as they are generally jobless and sometimes even homeless. It’s sad when you see people in desperate need of gaming entertainment. That’s why we at Turbine have to make concessions in these times of need and go to a more affordable system of payment. We are  also happy to announce our first virtual store where you can dress your virtual self in sexy imaginary clothes and items so that you’ll forget all about those long waits in the bread line.”


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