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Michael Pachter Predicts Next Console Will Have Higher Attachment Rate.

In Seth Nicholas Abel on June 22, 2009 at 2:43 pm
Picture 14_53

His opinion counts more because he's not wearing a novelty t-shirt.

Resident Gametrailers loudmouth Michael Pachter predicted today that Microsoft’s 2010 project is poised to lead the industry in attachment rates.  Said Pachter, “With the inclusion of a controllerless game system Microsoft really need’s to find a way to gouge the end user for doodads he doesn’t need.

Pachter went on to say that he expected Microsoft to artificially boost  attachments by raising the console failure rate by up to 10% to keep up with the lack of controller sales. This would bring the failure rate to nearly 40% of all consoles failing after a year of accumulated use.

The controllerless console is actually really good news for microsoft, they’ll be selling a lot more lifetime warentees and elite versions.” He said while rubbing his palms together in glee.


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