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Next Next Generation Consoles Will Have Less “X”

In Logan Westbrook on June 22, 2009 at 3:26 pm
Xbox Without the X.

Xbox Without the X.

Fans of Microsoft’s kitschy naming convention were disappointed when they learned that Microsoft’s next console addon, Natal would not feature the letter X.

We spoke with Xavier X. Xennis, founder and president of the advocacy group ‘X First’, who is organising a boycott of concerned gamers.

It’s a matter of principle y’know, I mean, where would Microsoft be with the letter X?  You take the X out of Xbox and what have you got?  A box, that’s what.  Who wants to play with an effing box?  We’re not Solid Snake!

When our reporter pointed out that there was an X in box as well, he looked at us blankly and made a sort of squeaking noise.  We managed to snap him out of it with a bag of M&Ms and continued the interview.

I love my Xbox, I really do, but until they put an X in this Natal thing, I ain’t touching it, and there are plenty of people who think the same as me,” he said.

When we pressed him for numbers, he became reluctant to talk specifics, but mumbled something about Jeff and Billly from Radio Shack.


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