It's Nothing Serious

OP/ED: Rockband Getting Music You Don’t.

In Angry Chuck on June 24, 2009 at 2:14 pm

Angry at you!I am angry with you Microsoft.  You’re from Seattle too, so how dare you give Pearl Jam to those pasty-faced teens who have never worn flannel,  shot heroine or know why it’s really called the “space needle” in the form of downloadable content March 24th 2010.

It’s you Microsoft that has become the MTV of this generation, hyping mainstream trash like they did with “Yo MTV Raps” and slowly pushing the true music into the 11-1am time slot.  If Cobaine were still alive he’d weep at what has happened to the one true generation of rock. I hope you’re happy you greedy bastards, you’ve made Curt cry.

As far as you ‘Rock Banders’ go, you have no business being interested in my music. Especially if you have never watched Swingers, or theorized about the hidden meaning in “Jeremy.”  This is my music, not yours. Go back to your Silverstien and your Saosin and leave Eddie Vedder out of your juvenile rock star fantasies you little talentless bastards.


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