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Internet Reacts to Michael Jackson’s Death.

In Seth Nicholas Abel on June 26, 2009 at 10:38 am


With the death of Michael Jackson, internet users came out to share their enlightened opinion about the popstar’s life and death.

“FIRST BITCHS!!!!!!! I OWN!!! SO CAL REPREZENT FIRST!!!!!” -socalowns (editors note: user was actually #37)

“He loved to take it in the brown eye, just like farrah did.” -johnny h

“I’m glad hes dead I don’t want him malesting my children! YOU GUYS ARE ON POT IF U WANT HIM ALIVE! SUCK DICK COCK MUNHCERS” -anonymous poster

“Who cares?” -Valerie

“he raped little boys? you goof fucks you have no idea do you? He may have been strange, he may have been different. but he never raped little boys, and anyone who says so is either too young or too stupid to realize that the man was a musical geniuos, so from all of us struggling musictians whos wish we were just have as talented as he…….Michael Jackson………Fuck you you little queer faggot loser!@!! I fuckin hope you die a long slow horrible death douche!!!~!!!!” -anonymous poster

“Rest in hell Child Toucher!!!” -Drew

“I’m THRILLERED. hope he’s really dead.” -Sam Irving

“he died coz he wanted his dick to look like a cute lil kid so he wont have a problem caressing it.” -anonymous poster

Normally we bring you fake game/internet culture news, however I assure you, all these comments are real and numerous. Makes you kind of proud to be an internet user, doesn’t it?


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