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Republicans Seek Ban on Fun Citing 427AD Bowling Death.

In Seth Nicholas Abel on June 29, 2009 at 2:49 pm

The Face of Evil.

Conservative anti-game activists recently provided documents to support for a recent Californian anti-game law, citing the bizarre bowling death of Ramses the III and eight concubines in 427AD.  The incident, though overlooked at the time, has become a hot button issue for conservatives who are trying to push through their latest bill to ban violent video games.

“We know that it’s unusual to bring ancient history into arguments about video games, but we want to show California that even the most innocent things can be deadly in the hands wrong hands. Children should be playing outside getting a lot of exercise and sun so when they are drafted into the inevitable war with the Chinese they will be ready to go to war and  die defending our great country.”

When asked why the representative waited so long to bring the Ramses bowling incident to the public’s attention, he said: ‘To be honest, It’s been difficult for me to talk about.  Rammy and I went back a long time and his passing was deeply troubling to me, but I feel that this is such an important issue that I must put aside personal discomfort for the greater good”


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