It's Nothing Serious

Twitter Hops Off The Perch.

In Tess LaCoil on June 29, 2009 at 2:50 pm
Twitter workers on break.

Twitter workers on break.

The once-proud eagle servers of Twitter tumbled from the birdbath earlier today after countless users decided that they would pay their respects to the late Michael Jackson. Connections saw cracks once 66 500 different tweets featured the pop star and it only went up from there.

Technicians were shocked by the speed at which the servers were  plucked, stuffed and roasted when a flood of tweets hit their system.

“Bkarrrrk. Boooooooooarkbukbuk. Chirp twewhooohooobukbuk boreeeee,” said one of the server administrators observing the carnage. The outer shell of the company scrambled to fix the errors while the clutch of executives tried to work out where it had gone wrong.

In a statement from Jeremy Cluckson, a manager at Twitter, we learned that hardware may be the real issue. “I was talking to this chick down in the server room and she said the equipment is too cheep.”

The users of Twitter faced endless frustration as their connections timed out, the hours they’d spent agonising over their latest 140 words of effort wasted.  One Tweeter is reported to have said that “bloody techies must be roosting on the job” after his epigraph of Jackson was lost in the lag.


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