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Cool or Creepy: Michael Jackson in Games.

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 1, 2009 at 3:08 pm

moonwalkerCH50604_468x550Michael Jackson is dead, and we all have something to say. Gamers this week were no exception to this. Unsurprisingly there were a lot of game related stories this week. I’ve tried to put my own feelings on the reaction to his death in my satire. I know I’ve covered a lot of MJ stuff, and this is the last one. RIP MJ, thanks for being the first person I ever saw with darker skin than me.

COOL: Cool, Xbox live gave away thriller for free over Xbox Live this week to say goodbye to the star.
Why is it cool? Free stuff is always cool, more than that thriller was an awesome video. I know it’s not that big of a deal to some of us, but it’s the gesture that counts.

COOL: A new mystery game featuring Michael Jackson.
Why is it cool? The idea of another MJ game like Moonwalker, gives me chills. I remember it fondly from my childhood. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia talking.

COOL and CREEPY: Unreleased interviews.
Why is it cool? We found out that he brought arcade cabinets with him on the plane, mortal combat… which he flew with him in one of his two cargo planes.

CREEPY: EA promotes it’s new free to play game with MJ outfits.
Why is it creepy? 5 days after he’s dead and they have already got two outfits for Battlefield Heroes. Is it bad taste? I say yes, but then I also think it’s in bad taste to buy this plate. I guess if you don’t find it in bad taste, you can just slide this over into the cool column.

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