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Female Gamers Out Of Closet

In Tess LaCoil on July 2, 2009 at 2:42 pm
They didnt bring cookies, sorry.

They didn't bring cookies, sorry.

Male gamers the world over reeled in shock today as a sudden spike in the number of females playing games was revealed. A recent study shows that 30% of gamers are female, a number expected to rise to 60% in the next week.

Such a sudden influx has gamers and analysts scratching their heads in surprise. Some users have attributed this to huge numbers of women sick of being mistaken for 12-year-olds over voicechat. “I just don’t know where they all came from!” one statistician said. “It’s like all these years I was looking for a girl who wouldn’t laugh at my job and hobby, and she was just there hiding behind a Steam account under the unassuming name of tbaggr713.”

On X-box live thousands of users suddenly come out of the closet as female, leading to many long term players’ surprise.  h4x0rzxx is one girl who was tired of having “get off voicechat you fucking prepubescent n00b” screamed at her whenever she played. Since her reveal two days ago she has encountered a much more positive response.

“lyke omg, im popular now. old hax all wanna play for some reason. they dont even complain when i die!!!!!11”

While this trend of revealing ones identity is theraputic to the people doing it it has caused intense anguish to some long-term users of  services like X-box live. One such user sent us an anonymous letter to us saying “I am so fucking repulsed by this. It’s disgusting. Why can’t these women just be normal like the rest of us gamers?”

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    Interesting Word Closet

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