It's Nothing Serious

Twitter Existentialism Traps Man in Time.

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 3, 2009 at 2:56 pm

Wait, didn't I see this before?

A man using twitter quickly found himself in an alternate reality after he clicked on a link to someone’s blog about twitter. The site, entitled “What is Twitter?” suggested that he click on some twitter users who tweet only about twitter.

“Using twitter I had discovered a blog about tweeting, which had suggested I check out tweets about twitter. I soon realized that something had gone horribly wrong, it was like reality was stuck in a continuous  loop and I was powerless to escape. I kept clicking on links trying to flee the twitter loop, but they all kept sending me back to the place I had started. Luckily a sudden tweet from one of my friends about his cat puking on the carpet gave me an opportunity to escape.”

Twitter users should be warned that these cases of time-space looping  are becoming  more common with the influx of users to twitter who have nothing to say.


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