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Kotaku Translator Suspect

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 6, 2009 at 1:45 pm
Back to flipping burgers.

So much for that job at Kotaku.

Kotaku said today that they would no longer be accepting tips for Korean game news after a recent “source” was discovered to be a 13 year old boy from Michigan.

“We first suspected there were problems with the quality of the articles when fans pointed out that the Korean version of Call of Duty 4: Me Love You Long Time did not actually contain ‘hot Asian sluts.’  More recently though we received a tip about SK iMedia’s FPS H.A.V.E. Online. Our source sent us the quote ‘Debating  is like having blind men touching an elephant and describing what it looks like.’ The quote seemed okay at first, but the more we thought about it, the stupider it sounded. Everyone knows what an elephant looks like. Who needs a description at all? Blind men, ironically.

So, we decided to call our tipster and were surprised when mom came to the phone. She said her son was at pee-wee football and couldn’t come out to play until later, when he’d cleaned his room”

Kotaku has removed a number of articles following the revelation, including several that were contained quotes such as “StarCraft is teh suxxor”, and one piece with nearly 170 ‘Wang’ jokes.


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