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Man says Hellgate: London Tattoo Bad Idea

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 6, 2009 at 1:41 pm

Man what a hangover, did I do anything stupid last night?

We received an email from a disheartened fan of the site who found himself the object of ridicule from his friends after getting a tattoo of his favorite game, on his forehead.

“I’m writing this to first say that getting a gaming tattoo is a really bad idea. I have a degree in Procedural Law but the only place that would hire me was Morry’s Meat Plaza down on the docks. My nickname is Lucy (Short for Lucifer). But if you’re still going to get one, get a classic game tattoo somewhere acceptable; don’t wind up like me.

Hellgate London, was touted as the best hybrid FPS/RTS/3rd person Shooter RPG set in post-apocalyptic London sewers ever. So good in fact that the game’s online component was officially dumped in  January of this year leaving fans of the game with a massivly single-player offline experience.


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