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Bioware Dreams of a World Without Videogame Violence

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 7, 2009 at 11:39 am
You should listen to them, they're doctors.

You should listen to them, they're doctors.

Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka gave an interview with to discuss their vision for the future; a future where non-violent games are not only possible, but also widely accepted.

“I think you look at the last 20, 30 years of the industry, saying the videogame industry took off in the 80s, where we are now is almost like the mid-point of maturation of the industry. It’s almost like we finally got our camera built in the movie sense. And now that we’re not limited by design, we can focus on telling stories in a way that has never been done before: without the use of violence.

Never in the 80s did we see, say a game where shape blocks fall from the ceiling and you have to arrange them into lines. A game like that just couldn’t  be popular with the sort of technology available back then.

Even in the current sense, video games have no titles that are non-violent and popular. I for one would love to see a game where you controlled minutature people’s lives and raised a family, got a job, and spoke in gibberish. I see such a game still being years off, but I am confident that non-violent videogames are the way of the future.”


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