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Loyola Professor Plays Dirty, Punishes the Internet

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 7, 2009 at 11:37 am
David Meyer's secret identity.

David Meyer's secret identity.

When sociologists play online games they have a lot of insights we tend to over look. David Myers, at Loyola University, known as “Twixt” online,  has been “researching” how communities react to social boundaries set in place by other players, and what happens when you break them.

EXCERPT FROM ARTICLE (on reaction to some of the professors antics): …Twixt seems totally unable to comprehend other players as real people, and plays his own solipsistic game deliberately making others miserable.

… From his posts and RV broadcasts/actions, it’s very clear that there really is something wrong with him that shouldn’t be made fun of or laughed about. He writes in the exact same way as my paranoid schizophrenic uncle, going on and on about everything solely from his point of view, as if he is taking to himself while peppering his paragraphs with consistent typos and unnecessarily long words.

His motive has remained unchanged ever since Issue 7 – he plays this game because he believes it is his sole (and very serious) responsibility to maintain Hero supremacy in RV. He fights to win the zone and ruin every villains’ day. It’s almost like he’s an NPC, and if you consider him in that light everything makes a lot more sense.

I truly believe he simply does not understand the feelings that lay behind people shouting and screaming at him in RV, and just continues to soldier on with his mission, wondering why the other Heroes aren’t helping him rid RV of the bad guys with a sincerity that can almost make you sympathise with him.

There’s a bit of sociology jargon at the beginning of the article, but I assure you that it’s worth the read if you’ve ever wondered what makes groups of people act the way they do on the internet.
A link to the full article here.

  1. i think i’ve seen him before

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