It's Nothing Serious

Google Searches: What People Really Want

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 8, 2009 at 12:48 pm

That search sounded better in my head.

I shouldn’t be surprised that people are directed to this site with weird search terms; I’ve covered a lot of weird things. Everything from Iranians playing World of Warcraft to a new gay Starwars MMO.  These things come with the territory, right? What really shocked me today was looking at the search page and seeing two searches for “hungry children” and “free starving children pictures” right next to each other.

How does one get to a site like this with those searches? And who searches for pictures of starving children? Moreover FREE pictures of starving children? Seriously, is there a site out there that charges you to view pictures of starving 3rd world infants? A site named or something?

Okay Internet, I appreciate the visit, but you’ve officially creeped me out.


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