It's Nothing Serious

Sir Howard Stringer Grumpy as Ever

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 8, 2009 at 1:57 pm
Perhaps the worst karaoke night ever.

That night was perhaps the worst karaoke night we had ever hosted.

Sony’s CEO, and knight of Camelot, Sir Howard Stringer responded to criticism aimed at the Sony Playstation 3 a week ago by Activision’s CEO Robert Kotick.

“Kotick and I go back a long ways, we’re always making friendly jests at each other’s expense. It’s how we are, just a couple good ol’ boys pokin’ some fun. I know we seem like we don’t get along, but we really do: Sometimes he says we’re overcharging for our console and totally neglecting our developers with our completely alien architecture, and sometimes I call him a ‘sodding twat.’ It’s all in good fun, you see?”

Sir Howard, whose name totally doesn’t make him sound like a pompous D&D player, went on to say that the PS3 will never go down in price, ever. He then turned red when our interviewer mentioned Wii and Xbox 360 price cuts and refused to speak with us further until he had a snort of15 year old Glenlivet and a cigar.


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