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Peggle Themed Warcraft to Follow

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 9, 2009 at 12:34 pm
Mom, I can't come to dinner! I am taking Onyxia solo!

Mom, I can't come to dinner! I am tanking Onyxia!

Yesterday after Popcap released a World of  Warcraft themed Peggle game free to play. Now Activision-Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick has responded with a surprise announcement of his own.

“We at Actiblizzard are proud to announce that we will be releasing a new Peggle themed World of Warcraft game. We expect it will be ready for release in 2012. Imagine, you’re a level 60 unicorn mage specc’d deeply into the Superglide tree, you happen upon a group of low level round pegs. So you decide to cast your AE ball throwing ability… wait this is kinda dumb isn’t it?”

The interview concluded as Kotick hastily ran out of the interview room, a trail of design documents fluttering behind him.


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