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Bethseda Release Daggerfall Free

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 10, 2009 at 1:16 pm
And the sky will run red with pixels. (also pink)

And the sky will run red with pixels. (also pink and yellow)

Daggerfall, the predecessor to Morrowind (and Oblivion) is a piece of nostalgia along the RPG highway. The game is immense and often random. That was it’s strongest point, and also the cause of much frustration as I remember. Still I feel a little warm and squishy looking back at was perhaps the first open world game I’ve ever played.

A word of warning however, the graphics are very dated (as seen in the screenshot). If that’s an issue for you, you may just want to check out this Daggerfall inspired mod for oblivion: Daggerfall Memories: The Liberation of Cybiades.

The game is now available for download but requires some monkeying around. You’ll need DOSBox, which is an emulator used for many old DOS games. If you’ve never used DOS before there’s a short tutorial here.

  1. can u get hotbabe companions in this?

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