It's Nothing Serious

Eidos Fails to Bribe Magazines, Focuses on Gamers

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 10, 2009 at 2:31 pm

There, there. It'll be okay. We'll get through this together Jokey...

After a failing to stack review scores by offering to let game magazines publish early reviews if they gave Batman Arkham Asylum a score of 90% or better, Eidos is attempting similar tactics with gamers.

The company has offered gamers a “super special free unlock code” for an exclusive batman costume (some speculators say the suit with the nipples),  on Xbox Live if they enjoyed the game as much as they would a game that was rated 90% or better by Gamespot.

Eidos said that participants in this program would need to have tracking chips implanted in their skulls if they wanted this “super sweet swag,”  mentioning under their breaths that they would be monitoring gamers for ‘fun’ while playing.


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