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The French Put (Game) Women in Their Place

In Tess LaCoil on July 10, 2009 at 1:41 pm

Screw war, bring me dinner, woman!

French game magazine, IG, recently published a cover featuring female game characters in the traditional women’s role of being housewives. Complete with iconic outfits, skimpy or otherwise, and trays of food they are there to please their menfolk and offspring. Happy and fed, what man would want more?

“Zis ees a great step forward. Oui. La Femme’s place is ever in ze keetchen, non? This, these women, zay have been upsetting ze… how do you say? ‘balance of enjoyment’ for too long,” stated one French gamer, rejoicing with his freshly made dinner.

One spokesperson for a women gamer group complined,

“Images of women as food providers and sex objects for men is highly objectionable. We are not submissive toys for the pleasures of the Y chromosome. We will not tolerate this kind of thing!”

We are still unsure quite how the women gamers spokesperson managed to broadcast that message to the world. It was found on Twitter, and after all who has a computer in the kitchen?

Click for full image of women doing what they are told.



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