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Editorial: RAM Rider says “Eidos Bribes Magazines”

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 13, 2009 at 2:00 pm
Raiding is easier in shorts.

Raiding is easier in shorts.

We ran this fake story on Friday based on a real story about a pissed off game journalist telling the world that Eidos tried to bribe game magazines for 90% scores on Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Of course like all internet drama readers ate it up. Even Eidos bit at the hook, telling Kotaku:

“With regards an article posted on RamRaider alleging that Eidos has fixed review scores for Batman: Arkham Asylum, we want to state that no discussions have been held about review scores with any magazines. In short there is simply not one shred of truth in this article, except for the title of the game.” (source)

Eidos says “the bribe is a lie,” but why justify every jerk on the internet with a sexy story about corruption?  Even if it is true, isn’t it an open invitation to unscrupulous internet users to make up crap about gaming companies? Can you imagine how much traffic could be brought to your blog if EA responded to every claim of being part of some conspiracy to turn their favorite franchise into a free-to-play MMO where you pay for healing potions with real money? (Note to self: post more lies in this blog.)

Click here for the stunning conclusion…

Don’t get me wrong, there have been anonymous insiders who’ve really published trade secrets. But even if  The RAM Raider is  one of these he’s still a scumbag for putting the game magazine he works for at risk to share information only a very small group of people in the world really care about. If he’s not real, then he’s an attention seeking idiot who preys off the fears of gamers that there is some conspiracy to sell us bad games.

Perhaps I feel this way because I believe most gamers are not idiots with their money. You can play a demo, watch gameplay video, or even consult a friend who likes the same sorts of games. Regarless of the opinions of anonymous bloggers, if you count on something as arbitrary as a stranger’s opinion to tell you what games to buy, you deserve what is coming to you.


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