It's Nothing Serious

Flash Mob Accidentally Protests Somalian Fighting

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 13, 2009 at 2:05 pm

Velcro suits: not recommended for people with pets (or self respect).

Nearly 200 people showed up at a San Francisco courthouse where a group of protesters against atrocities  in the African country, Somalia. Protesters were shocked when a flash mob converged on the protest dressed in Velcro suits. Chaos ensued when the flashmob mingled into the crowd and were stuck on woolen sweaters and Rastafarian hats.

We planned this flash mob about a week ago, I don’t know anything about Africa or atrocities, but I think it’s great way to show the world how important this internet fad is.” said one low-fat venti grande chai latté sipping protester.

Local news networks have been running the clips of protesters stuck to flashmobbers all day, making this the most watched humanitarian protest on local television since human-rights activists protested the Paulie Shore movie: Bio-dome.


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