It's Nothing Serious

Kevin Rudd’s Amazing Acrobatic Feat

In Tess LaCoil on July 13, 2009 at 2:02 pm
Its known as a shit-eating smirk.

A smirk that just consumed a kitten.

Today Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wowed Journalists by presenting his latest change to censorship laws while performing an amazing athletic feat.

Once technicians had taped a microphone to the inside of the PM’s mouth, Rudd removed his trousers and wedged his head up his backside. The stress on his body lead to quite a lot of gossip once he was done with the announcement, stating that video game God Of War III will have to change its level of ‘violent content’ to be sold in Australia.

“It’s nice to have a very open, flexible national leader,” one journalist commented. “Why didn’t Rudd unveil this amazing talent earlier? It could have helped a lot during APEC 2007. I think the game industry should be honoured that he chose this press release to perform such a stunning feat.”

Stylists efforts were not enough to keep Rudd’s hairpiece in place. The aftermath of the feat seemed to have little effect on the PM sparking rumours that he performs it regularly for foreign dignitaries.


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