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BioShock Delayed to 2010, Gamers Thankful

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 14, 2009 at 1:00 pm
Proctology in Rapture isn't quite the same.

Proctology in Rapture.

Fans of BioShock were pleasantly surprised today as Take 2 announced that they wouldn’t be releasing BioShock 2 until early 2010.

“We know our counterparts all want to push their games out in this 3 month window around Christmas. This year our present to our fans is the gift of having a couple dollars in your pocket to spend on something other than games. Plus the extra time will give Kevin Levine a chance to insert more of his pseudo intellectual psychobabble into an otherwise good game.”

BioShock 2 is expected to do well regardless of release date or Kevin Levine’s interference.


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