It's Nothing Serious

Spoof: SWM Looking for Hot Gaming Chick to “Do It” With

In Logan Westbrook, Seth Nicholas Abel on July 15, 2009 at 2:16 pm
neck beard

Awww yea!

i am a 21 year old badass who loves to play Guitar Hero and Call of Duty while pwning nOObs on x-bawks……  my buddys  say i m teh hardcorez!!!!1!! ……… i love prOn and lulz and fuckinng AWESOM bands liek Trivium and MCR and  totally fuinny youtube vids ……  i am extremely dangerous becuz i TOTALLTY DONT GIVE A FUCK!!!!!!!!!! ……… i  luv evrything XTREME, liek  mounten dew and wrestling and shit liek that.

I am looking for a hottie (no fatties lol!!!!) who liek defo wants a 3way with another chick, can STFU, and can take a fucking joke and not be a fuicking bitch!!!!

P.S. The beard is real!

(Editor’s Note:  This guy isn’t real folks, we made him up.  Try not to have nightmares)


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