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New York Man Arrested for Playing Videogames While Driving

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2009 at 12:56 pm
I need one of these for Peggle!

I need one of these for Peggle!

A New York man was  arrested going the speed  for going the speed limit today while playing Gran Turismo on his PS3. A local police officer stated:

“At first we thought he was just another drunk driver, but we quickly realized the truth when he we saw him swearing profusely at his rear view mirror. The driver had mounted the eight by eight inch LCD screen installed in the mirror and had taped his motion sensitive controller to the steering wheel, so as he turned it the car in the car in the game would turn too. He was doing fine till he got onto the highway [a real one] and started doing laps into oncoming traffic. I’ll be honest, it looked like a lot of fun, but it’s lucky we arrested him when we did; we found out later that he was planning to play Grand Theft Auto 4 next.”

This is the first what the city of New York is calling an enforcement of common sense, but has become widely unpopular with people seriously addicted to  World of Warcraft, and douchebags who can’t wait to get out of their car to play Sudoku on their iPhone.


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