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PC Resident Evil 5 Will Feature More S&M Gear Sarah Palin

In Seth Nicholas Abel on July 22, 2009 at 1:41 pm
resident_evil 5 logo opposed to the evil that only visits in the summer?

Resident evil seems to have a fetish for well, fetish. Either that or played Fallout 3 a few too many times. Either way they’ve announced what I can only think of as the least appropriate costumes in a game ever (yes this includes the  NSFW Zoey naked mod in Left 4 Dead.)

I can see the meeting:

Capcom PR guy: Hey we need something flashy that Americans really like.

Drunk Co-worker: I think Americans like Sarah Palin and kinky sex. (barfs into a trash bin)

Capcom PR guy: You’re a genius! I am promoting you to director of marketing!

Anyway… click here to hurt your brain.

Resident evil 5 PC costumes


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