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Study: Scientists Find That Children are Scared of Scientists

In Logan Westbrook, Seth Nicholas Abel on July 22, 2009 at 1:49 pm

Professor Schlictengrubber

A study published today in the Journal of Quackery and Headshrinking by the University of Spoon has shown that video games have a startling influence on the behaviour of young children.

In the study, two groups of children played slightly different version of a Pac-Man like game.  One version was set on dry land and had the kids muching down candy and sweets, while the other was set beneath the waves, with the sweets replaced by plankton.

After a few days of playing the games in a special play unit, the children were invited to try and breathe water.  It was discovered that the children who had played the aquatic version of the game tried to breathe water for much longer than those who had played the land based versions.

Prefoessor Hans Schlictengrubber, who lead the study had this to say:

“We were very please with the results.  We made sure that there were at least three scientists observing das kinder at all times, with two more hidden behind a two-way mirror.  When we asked the children to breath water, I personally oversaw the group who had played the aquatic version.”

“We felt it was important that the results were not contaminated, so we removed all unnecessary distractions from the testing area.  It was just the child, the game and of course, the three scientists  in the room for the four days they played them for.  It was hard finding a location that was free from all distractions, but an old abandoned prison worked remarkably well.”


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