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Asteroids: The Movie: The Webcomic

In Seth Nicholas Abel, Tess LaCoil on July 27, 2009 at 1:27 pm

asteroidsteaserRecently Universal pictures won rights to publish the movie Asteroids. There must be something really sexy about 1980’s kitschy games, TV and movies, because  it seems like movie studios are doing their best to fuck them all.

Click for more.

First there was comic book movies, then Transformers, A-Team, and GI Joe, and now studios have their sights set on videogame movies that could generously be called ‘simple’ and not so generously called ‘a bunch of lines.’

What’s next? Digdug, Centepede, and Joust? Jesus, stop giving away my childhood to Michael Bay and letting him masturbate all over the good things I remember about it.

Tess LaCoil decided to sum up my feelings in typical internet fashion, with a webcomic.



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