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Reliable Source 0402: Trolls, Snipers and Priests

In Seth Nicholas Abel on September 5, 2009 at 10:30 pm

372ab3afe562e0bbbc53f1e74775c69f8991207b_fullThat time of the week again, the prodigal issue of Reliable Source returneth a few hours later than normal. Not to worry though, just a little mix up in the press times.

You can view the stories by clicking here.
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You can follow the jump for a more in-depth discussion of the articles.

Next Xbox More Durable, Made From Paper

I wrote this with the death of my 360 in mind, but about half-way through it all became about writing a fake background story on origami folding ninja children. It was fun regardless of how much of the message was lost in the imagery.

Sony Creates Reality TV Show, The Tester
Sony is really making this show: SERIOUSLY. Even game put quotations around the word ‘dream job.’  The joke is that QA testers are paid 9 dollars an hour to replay the same game over and over again while taking notes and trying to get stuck in geometry. Nothing about that sounds like a dream to me. I suppose it must have it’s appeal to obsessive-compulsives.

Vatican Priest Pitches Religious MMO

Based off a real world event where a Russian Orthodox priest pitched a religious MMO. This is the first piece I’ve written where I actually really needed to reference the bible; luckily there is no shortage of comedy in The Bible. Gosh, I do hope my mom isn’t reading this, she’d be very disappointed with me not taking bizarre tribal laws of the ancient Jews seriously.

Tim Langdell Resigns from IDGA to Pursue Interpretive Dance

He really did quit, right before they kicked him out. He wrote a long letter explaining why he was leaving. It was boring, so I stopped reading half way through and started wondering, “What exactly would he do if he could no longer trademark troll?” The answer of course is interpretive dance. I really like the picture for this one; I imagine Tim Langdell in a leotard dancing in that line, c’mon you must admit that it’s a pretty funny image.

Sniper at Bungie Fools Police

A last second addition to my stories. As a joke it works, if only a little. As a point about scared idiots calling the police every time they see an Arabian kid with a squirt-gun I think it works very well.


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